Why SSH?

Today is the age of specialization and cooperation.

Sometimes, I feel the level of specialization could be a criteria to distinguish the advanced group from the lagging group.

Working on the web based contents management projects, I am used to make tasks into 3 groups to push for organized development. The first one is a content management system like the WordPress or the Drupal which is sort of an open source. The next would be the design for artistic appearance and functional advantage. The last but not least important is the web server itself, for example,Unix, Windows Server or whatever in practice.

In terms of technical influence in Internet project, web servers take the top position for it is a kind of ground which provides everything to one on it. Certain web developers rarely notice the limitation imposed by their web server. Frustrated, they changed their codes forever to give up the project. That’s why I pay attention to the web server performance and functionality.

For web server engineering, there is a single gate to pass in, SSH or Secure Shell. SSH is one of the official tools. It provides me with a cryptographic network protocol. Using it, I can give commands to my web server over the Internet. Without SSH, web developers usually use the FTP or sFTP which is different from the SSH. FTP just mimics the tiny portion of SSH operation.

Nevertheless, most web developers could not use SSH for two reasons. It takes long time to learn. That’s OK. The real problem is the web hosting company reluctant to open the gate.

For last 2 weeks, I wasted time to open the gate of SSH at one of the largest web hosting company in states. When I asked for SSH, they agreed to upgrade my web hosting service. After upgrade, they again suggested me to use the FTP only.

Hmmm! With SSH, I can use the wget command to download 7MB file in 1-3 seconds. With FTP, it usually takes me cumbersome 2 steps in 5-30 minutes.

I insisted SSH. Call transfer after call transfer, I talked to several staffs. But it does not work. They seem to announce they are not blocking my SSH. If I ask in detail, they answered “No idea”.

They started to suspect my network problem. I explained them my SSH works good for another web hosting service. But they answered it does not help my request. They insisted they have no problem.

They never say they are blocking my SSH connection.


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