SSD and “Preparing Automatic Repair” Looping

These days, Solid State Drives (SSDs) are sensational in IT field.
It is basically a sort of memory not erased after power off.

Compared to Hard Disk Drives (HDDs), it is fast and reliable. Thanks to the V-NAND semiconductor technology matured nowadays, SSDs become competitive in price as well.

So there is no reason to skip SSDs in computer configuration, even though DELL and HP does not include SSDs in their brochures yet.

Last year we employed some SSDs in our hardware to find 2 to 4 times speed up in our application systems even without CPU upgrade.

At the performance boost up, we learned, HDDs should seek another market someday if they manage to provide the high capacity model like 100 Tera-Bytes (TBs) or more.

Once migrated Windows Operating System to a SSD device, users would better dispose the old HDD properly. In case of Windows failure, the “Preparing Automatic Repair” session in “Rebooting” procedure could loop infinitely, if the old booting disk remains in your system.

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