Type: Demand Proposal
Author: Sun Kim

Specialized Training System in Computer Class for the Elderly and Disabilities


Seniors older than 65, are in computer crisis. Born before 1946, they did not receive a chance to learn computers at school. These days seniors are hard to stand on own legs with social services because many services are provided with Information Technology (IT) and they are expanding in numbers and depth everyday.

In order to maintain maximum independence and to prevent premature or inappropriate institutionalization which increases the public expenditures, retired seniors should feel comfortable with computers.

Adult day care centers and senior centers are gaining attention for the computer class as a part of adult education. I have learned that retired seniors show idiosyncrasies in a computer class and come to need the specialized training system

This document is written to appeal the needs of special training system in a seniors’ computer class. The system, tentatively named Q-system, has a big market such that 4,600 adult day care centers and 11,000 senior centers nationwide.

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