Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge transfer happens to become our goal on the way of social life. Further, in education or training events, it may be the core value to determine the success of the program.

However, it may take a long time and be ineffective despite of full efforts and good amount of expenditure. We have experienced many students, junior employees, seniors in training fields to face the fact that everyone has his/her own requirements to get the productive results.


Limit of Class

A student may learn computer skills to send emails to his/her friends. Another attends a computer class for photography. One may have a problem in hearing while others in moving hands precisely.

The sole practice of class-style instructional method is too rigid to follow in practical environments. It even shows the blind-end earlier than expected in a certain case.

Method-Q Logo

So we tried to diversify the instructional style in experiments to get the desirable results. You can check the amazing results at the letter from a student.

We integrated results from several experiments to make a new approach in teaching style to save time and cost. And we call the new training methodology  “METHOD-Q”.


To get the best response in practice, our curriculum structure is broken down as 3 layers.

Curriculum in 3 Tracks

Top layer is a subject which is same as the traditional system.

The second layer is the tracks of 3 different teaching style, with no change of contents.

The lowest layer is a session which is the basic unit of curriculum.

In this instructional scheme, a student may hop between tracks for the best performance. For example, a student may take session 201, 303, 304 and 102 to master the subject A.

Licensing of Method-Q

You are encouraged to contact us to get the partnership of “Method-Q” if you have an education/training business or plan a new one. We hope to share our know-how with you for our mutual success.

For your inquiries, you may leave a message, email or phone number here. Our staff will contact you within 24 working hours.


Followings are reference sites which has been using “Method-Q” instructional methodology for experimental purpose or are presently using it in practice.