Letter from a student – Ms. Surya

February 27, 2012


It gives me great pleasure to give this letter of recommendation for Mr. Sun K. Kim of All That Corp (http://autophp.com).

I am an Indian American senior who has severe deafness. I met Mr. Kim for the first time when my husband and I became members of Queensboro Adult Day Care Center in 2011. Mr. Kim was our computer teacher.

Mr. Kim taught basic internet skills to twelve seniors who had very little knowledge of computers. Despite the use of hearing aids, it was very difficult for me to understand more than 10% of his lectures.

After two months I became so disappointed and heart-broken that I thought of quitting the computer class. Mr. Kim persuaded me to stay in the class. He took permission from the management to conduct one-on-one sessions with me.

Then I had another problem. I was forgetting things very often. When I mentioned this to Mr. Kim he was not discouraged. He painstakingly wrote all instructions in my notebook step by step during each session. It helped me a lot.

Thanks to his kindness, patience, hard work, and systematic approach I was able to access internet and set up a personal e-mail account. A couple of weeks later I could independently surf the internet and compose/send e-mails with ease.

My life has greater meaning now that I am able to communicate with my family in India and friends online and research topics of interest without ever leaving home.

Two months ago when I was frying some frozen snacks, they exploded on my body and I experienced burns on my face, arm, and chest. Immediately I rushed to look in our medicine cabinet for an ointment for burns but it was finished!

I checked the internet and found a home remedy for large burns using egg whites and applied it. It gave me great relief! Many hours later I got an ointment from the pharmacy and applied it also.

After four weeks all but three of the burns healed without leaving scars. Overwhelmed with gratitude, I e-mailed a letter to Mr. Kim and thanked him.

Mr. Kim gave me an invaluable gift, one I could not obtain from family or friends.

Given all I have endured I want to emphasize Mr. Sun K. Kim is a very kind and dedicated instructor who has passion for his students. He goes above and beyond his duties to ensure they understand his lessons. I believe Mr. Kim will be a great asset to any company that employs him. I wish him success in all of his future endeavors.

Prabha Surya


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