Master of OS


Recently, new operating systems came up on the technology theatre.

It is the fact, these days, that people can choose other operating systems. To name a few, Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, Android and Tizen OS from Samsung.

In earlier days, AT&T, GE and renowned technolgy leaders had joined in the Multics project in MIT to develop an innovative operating system. Actually some participants dropped in the middle without obvious achievements due to the budget crunch.

The engineers returned back to their position in AT&T Bell Lab., took the key ideas from Multics to spawn a new operating system called Unix and C programming language. The name Unix hints the origin is Multics. And they opened the source to the public to generate so many advocates around the world.

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The world was on fire. It was natural all global computers were trying to install Unix for their OS.

For decades, Unix has grown up to mutate itself into brothers like HP-UX, Solaris and AIX, 99% same in functions, but they are not free anymore.  Unix advocates lost the ground.

Linux is open source again. In a web server project, I found that Linux is same with Unix in blood and fast as Unix, and last but not least, free again.

Google launched Android for open source. I heard that Android takes the Linux as its kernel, which is the intrinsic part of OS.  Currently Android is occupying only mobile platform area, but expanding its territory to specialty areas, like TV, Auto and Wear.

OS is the platform in computer world. If someone takes the OS, he/she starts game on a absolutely advantageous footing.

Guess! In 10 years, who will be the master of OS?


Sun Kim

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