Computer Beginners’ Workbook for Korean Seniors

Recently we published a computer book which is being used as a workbook in the computer beginners’ class in New York Adult Day Care Center. The target reader of the book is the Korean seniors who

  • have little knowledge of computer systems and computer utilization;
  • want to learn a personal computer skills;
  • live in United States;
Cover Design

Cover Design of Book

The key design concept of this book is a drill-down of the essential topics. At first, not-so-many essential topics are selected that seniors may concentrate on the topics without mess-up. Then the topics are broken down into subordinate knowledge/skills to get the balanced knowledge trees. This scheme of lessons are given to seniors by systematic step-by-step approaches day by day.

  • Size: 238 pages;
  • Binding: Paperback;
  • ISBN-13: 978-0991587407;

This book could be ordered at

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