C# and DropBox

These days, DropBox(TM) is one of the hot potatoes in technology world.

It enables us to share and communicate data without the need of complicated technical platform.
Recently, the C# language joins in the Dropbox API groups even though the developmental information looks not enough.

For reliable interface to dropbox folders and files, I need API. They say that SharpBox is good for C# developers, but it seems outdated since 2 years ago. DropboxRestAPI could be another. Till now I have no idea of difference among them.

Through trial-and-error, I found the fact that

  • the old IDE VS2010 Express should be upgraded to VS2015 community (VS2012 is left for further survey);
  • .NET framework also need to be v.4.5;
  • Package Manager Console must be used in IDE to install the API package;

Successfully installed DropBox API (pre), what will be the next?