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How are you!

In New York, we are happy to see everyone holding a smart phone or using a computer tablet these days.

Today, something changed. The most popular recruit method is no more a newspaper, it’s Internet websites. Many offline stores closed their business because lots of customers prefer a shopping at Internet mall. End users are already getting into the wave of Networked Information (NI).

As we look at the spectrum of Information Technology (IT) utilization in New York City small businesses, however, we admit that major computer power consumers still stay in IT revolution phase which is the previous stage of NI.

For those consumers, we have proudly played a small role of education, programming and helping others. We participated in

  • teaching in computer class;
  • publishing the absolute beginners’ computer workbook;
  • development of various websites;
  • programming of business software;
In technology, we take client’s difficulties very seriously. We are able to bring our standards to clients’ level and keep a low profile against our clients. We believe that’s what the most clients expect in our professional service.


Use our expertise for your success!


Sun Kim